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Whether you love VR, you are afraid of it, you work for it, you build for it or you are just curious about the most disrupting medium of this century. There is something for you at the World VR Forum.

Festival Submission

Neal Hartman - Chairman

CineGlobe Film Festival - CERN

Director and President
Neal Hartman is the Director and President of the CineGlobe Film Festival at CERN as well as part of the committee of Festival Tous Ecrans and a member of the programming committee for the new art space le D.I.X.

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Caecilia Charbonnier

Artanim & Dreamscape Immersive

Research Director at Artanim & CTO at Dreamscape Immersive
Her work focus on the interdisciplinary use of motion capture from 3D animation, live performances to movement science, orthopedics and sports medicine. Her research interests include joint biomechanics – in particular the 3D modeling, motion analysis and simulation of native or prosthetic joints – VR/AR, real time motion interaction and 3D body scanning. The results of her research have been published in more than sixty international journals and conferences.

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Touradj Ebrahimi


With a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Prof. Ebrahimi is the author or the co-author of more than 200 research publications, and holds 14 patents. Currently Professor at EPFL heading its Multimedia Signal Processing Group, he is also a member of IEEE, SPIE, ACM and IS&T. Prof. Ebrahimi has initiated more than two-dozen National, European and International cooperation projects with leading companies and research institutes around the world and he had key contributions to MPEG-4 and JPEG 2000. He is also a member of Scientific Advisory Board of various start-up and established companies in the general field of Information Technology.

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James Fong

Jaunt VR China

Jaunt is pioneering the future of creative storytelling through cinematic virtual reality. Founded in 2013, Jaunt is the leading developer of the hardware, software, tools, and applications to enable cinematic VR and put the power of virtual reality in the hands of today’s best content creators.

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Shari Frilot

Sundance Film Festival

Senior Programmer
Shari joined the programming team in 1998 and currently focuses on U.S. and World Cinema dramatic features, as well as films that experiment and push the boundaries of conventional storytelling. She is also the Chief Curator and driving creative force behind New Frontier at Sundance, a program highlighting work that expands cinema culture through the convergence of film, art and new media technology.

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Fifer Garbesi


Virtual Reality Producer & Co-Founder Fifer Garbesi is a virtual reality documentarian from Northern California focussing on underground culture. She has produced award-winning content in Ghana, Tanzania, Cuba, Spain, and The United States.

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Marientina Gotsis

University of Southern California

Research Assistant Professor
She holds a B.F.A. in Photo/Film/Interactive Media and an M.F.A. in Electronic Visualization from the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) where she was a research assistant on large-scale computing efforts for networked virtual reality (VR) sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

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Isabela Granic

Radboud University Nijmegen

Professor at the Behavioural Science Institute and Chair of the Developmental Psychopathology program
With a at PhD in developmental psychology at the University of Toronto, Isabela Granic is currently Professor and Chair of the Developmental Psychopathology department at Radboud University, in the Netherlands. Equally a co-founder of The PlayNice Institute, her research focuses on the positive effects of playing video games, including the cognitive, emotional and social benefits.

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Bruno Herbelin

Center for Neuroprosthetics / EPFL

Deputy Director
Former senior researcher in VR and cognitive neuroscience with a PhD for his research on virtual reality exposure therapy, Bruno Herbelin is currently the deputy director of the EPFL Center for Neuroprosthetics.

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Dominik Käser

Google Earth VR

Engineering Lead
Dominik Kaeser is an Engineering Lead at Google, where he runs the team behind Google Earth VR.

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Barbara Lippe

entreZ VR Entertainment

Founder & Creative Director
Dr Barbara Lippe is a video-game-art-director-turned-actor perfectly bridging interactive and dramatic principles. She has always been a visionary, developing video games and virtual worlds in Tokyo and Vienna before finding pleasure in performing Shakespeare on London’s West End stages.

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Chuck Peil

Reel FX Animation

EP / VP Business Development
As a founding member of Reel FX, Peil has participated in the studios significant growth over the past 22 years which now employs 315 team members in their 75,000 square foot Dallas and 17,000 square foot Santa Monica studios. Most recently Peil was attached as Executive Producer on The Book of Life, from Reel FX and 20th Century Fox, directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez and produced by Guillermo Del Toro and Brad Booker.

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Denise Quesnel


Denise Quesnel is a researcher of the immersive realities, specifically creation and design of virtual/augmented reality content and interfaces. Graduate student at the iSpace Lab, at SFU's School of Interactive Arts and Technology in Vancouver Canada, her work also involves R&D as Director of Research for The Sawmill motion capture studio, and previously Research Associate at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and a R&D consultant for a variety of VFX/post-production studios around the world. She created SIGGRAPH Conferences' VR Village program.

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Michel Reilhac


VR producer ans director
A pioneer in Virtual Reality film making and interactive story telling as well as former executive director of Arte France Cinema, Michel Reilhac owns the Paris based production company called MELANGE. He is also Head of Studies for the Venice Biennale College, Head of the Digital College at Scuola Holden, Torino, Italy, as well as head of Submarine Channel in Amsterdam where he is now based. He is equally developing an international writers residency project in the island of Lamu, Kenya.

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Amy Robinson Sterling


Executive Director
Credited by Fast Company with “making neuroscience into a playground for the hot tech du jour”, Amy Robinson Sterling is the Executive Director of EyeWire, a game to map the brain. She has advised The White House OSTP and the US Senate on crowdsourcing and open innovation and she helped create the world’s first neuroscience virtual reality experience. Sterling has written for Vice, the BBC, Nature, and Scientific American. She was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2015 and the World Economic Forum Global Shapers in 2017.

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David Rudrauf

University of Geneva

Psychologist and Neuroscientist at the University of Geneva
Professor David Rudrauf is a psychologist and neuroscientist at the University of Geneva, FAPSE, and a member of the Swiss _Center for Affective Sciences. He directs the Laboratory of Multimodal Modeling of Emotion and Feeling on the Campus Biotech in Geneva. His current research focuses on integrating his computational model of embodied consciousness with virtual reality and robotics in order to study the normal and pathological mechanisms of the mind.

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Mavi Sanchez-Vives


ICREA Research Professor
A pioneer in using VR from the neuroscience point of view, Mavi Sanchez-Vives is leading the Systems Neuroscience group and is co-director of the Event Lab (Experimental Virtual Environments in Neuroscience and Technology) within the Institute of Biomedical Research in Barcelona. She is also Specialty Chief Editor of Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience and Associate Editor for Frontiers in Virtual Environments in Frontiers in Robotics and AI.

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Mel Slater

University of Barcelona - Event Lab

ICREA Research Professor
Involved in the research in virtual reality since the early 90s and winner of the Virtual Reality Career Award by IEEE Virtual Reality ‘In Recognition of Seminal Achievements in Engineering Virtual Reality` in 2005, Mel Slater is an ICREA Research Professor at the University of Barcelona in the Faculty of Psychology as well as a Professor of Virtual Environments at University College London since 1997 in the Department of Computer Science.

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Attila Szantner


CEO - Founder
Based in a beautiful small village in Switzerland, Attila Szantner is the co-founder of Massively Multiplayer Online Science. In 2002, during his over 2 decades of IT experience in Hungary, he co-founded iWiW, the biggest local social networking site at the time.

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Ronny Tobler

Kenzan Studios

Ronny is CEO of Kenzan Studios, an award-winning Geneva (Switzerland) based company focused on creative content creation to delight businesses and consumers. Kenzan is in process of developing two VR games for HTC Vive and Oculus and just launched their first VR B2B product “VR Promotion & Entertainment” for Malls, Airports and Lounges. He has a Bachelor of Science in General Management and Corporate Communication from HWZ in Zürich and a tech background founding his first IT company in at age 16 in Basel, Switzerland.

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Arijana Walcott


Director of Consumer Business Development
Arijana is an avid AR/VR Evangelist working as the Director of Consumer Business Development at the Swisscom Innovation Outpost in the Silicon Valley. In addition, Arijana co-leads the DART 17 Project co-founded with Sophie Lamparter from Swissnex San Francisco. DART 17 is a test laboratory for interactive experiences, objects, and tools in San Francisco. Arijana studied Social Psychology in San Diego and transitioned to Economics when moving to Switzerland. She now holds a BASc in Business Economics from HSO in Zurich.

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Antoine Widmer

HES-SO Valais / Wallis

Professor in information systems
With a PhD in software engineering, Antoine Widmer is a professor in information systems at HES-SO Valais-Wallis doing research in VR and AR applied to eHealth, eTourism and eLearning. Since 2016 he’s also the co-founder of Adventures-Lab, a startup aiming to make learning experience more fun by using Augmented Reality in combination with a playing surface.

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David Wood

Delta Wisdom / London Futurists

Principal / Chair
Pioneer of the smartphone industry and one of the “most influential people in technology”, David Wood is a fellow of the IEET, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Humanity+, Executive Director of Transpolitica, Chair of the Transhumanist Party (UK), and a fellow of the RSA.

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